Rodney Yee on Michael Jackson

My favorite yoga guru has spoken well. It takes one dancer (Yee) to understand the art of another dancer (Michael Jackson). This reminds me that I’ve never felt so well as when I was doing AM yoga with my Rodney Yee DVD’s and I need to get back into it.


Michael Jackson: Who Was He Really?

by Rodney Yee | July 31st, 2009

OK, I admit, I have been captivated by the media blitz around Michael Jackson. Our TV has been tuned to countless MJ videos and news commentaries. Sure, he was a big part of my music and dance history, which accounts for some of the fascination, but it still leaves me wondering …

What I do know is that beyond his brilliant voice, his dazzling dance moves and his infectious rhythm, I know nothing about who he really was. Strange enough, though, I notice myself and others judging him, praising him, or both, as if he belonged to our immediate family. He served both as a demon and a demigod, depending on who the media and his audience needed him to be.

Our minds produce constant fairytales in which we create imaginary heroes and antiheroes. The yoga sutras comment on our ways of knowing. Many of our difficulties come from misperceptions and misinterpretations. As yoga teachers, we harness people into having direct contact with the arising present moment. The more clarity we can evoke through relaxed observation, the more we can perceive with an unbiased, unconflicted mind. As we see the world as it is, without our own desire and aversions, we wake up to the world of miracles and joy.

Michael Jackson was a man dedicated to his art. I thank him for his music and his dance. Beyond that, I once again quiet my monkey mind.


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